Eight Hours is a ghost hunting game where the player collects paranormal evidence throughout the night in a haunted house.

Hunt ghosts, banish evil, survive the night.

Begin your night locked in a haunted house. It is your job to capture apparitions residing within the abode. But, not all is as it seems. Something sinisterlurks within the house at night. Can you survive Eight Hours?

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World of Phyntasie is a classic adventure game where the player engages with a quirky world.

Explore the wierd world of Phyntasie. Go on an adventure that will take you across familiar lands with strange twists and turns. Engage in stories of misadventure, fortune, sabotage, and death. What adventure will you create for yourself?

Take on the role of chefs running a "functional" bakery/coffee shop with orders taken from customers in the lobby, an express line, a drive-thru and a delivery/catering service

Burnt to Perfection: Coming Soon!

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